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Improve performance in your sport.

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Know when to train, how hard to train and when to rest.

ithlete HRV App

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Monitor your team and improve training effectiveness.

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The Science

Research evidence increasingly links high HRV to good health and a high level of fitness.


"We liked ithlete's simplicity of use and value for money, making it a great way to train effectively."
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"An essential tool for monitoring recovery and maximising performance."

John O'Regan, Irish
Champion Ultra Runner
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ithlete – New heart rate monitoring technology that tells you when to train and when to rest

No pain, no gain. Right? But what’s missing here is another critical aspect of training: rest and recovery. Overtraining leads to injury, illness and diminished performance. The body can endure just so much continual physical stress before it begins to break down.

So how do you know when to train and when to rest? The answer is heart-rate variability which measures the time-gap between your heartbeats when you’re resting. The heart, in fact, speeds up when you inhale, and slows down when you exhale. The difference is known as heart-rate variability (HRV). A healthy, well rested body will produce a wider gap than a stressed out, overtrained body. Show More

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