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Heart Rate Monitor & ECG Receiver

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Ready to improve performance, prevent overtraining and optimise training? Buy the discounted combination package today, comprised of the ithlete ECG receiver and the Cardiosport chest strap monitor.

Ithlete ECG Receiver

The ithlete ECG receiver is a small piece of hardware that picks up the signal from your heart rate monitor chest strap. It plugs into the headset jack of your Apple or Android phone, iPod touch or Tablet and picks up the wireless signal from your chest strap, and allows the time gaps between your individual heart beats to be measured very precisely by the ithlete app.

Cardiosport Chest Strap Monitor

Whilst ithlete is compatible with most analog chest strap monitors the accuracy of your ithlete reading depends on the quality of the monitor. If you don’t already own a high quality compatible chest strap, or would like one specifically to use with ithlete, we highly recommend the Cardiosport model. A high quality stretch fabric ensures comfort and ease of use without compromising on accuracy of readings. The Cardiosport chest strap monitor has a detachable centre module and is machine washable. This chest strap monitor is compatible with the ithlete receiver and most cardio gym equipment for use during exercise and taking your morning HRV reading. The Cardiosport chest strap monitor is produced by a long established UK sports & medical company Cardiosport.

Not sure which Android devices are compatible with this product? See compatible Android devices.

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