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ithlete for Team Sports

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There is a fine line between overtraining and being under prepared

How do you assess recovery? Monitor cumulative stress? Individualise training programmes?

Heart rate variability (HRV) is widely accepted as a great indicator of your overall health, fitness, recovery & readiness to train. Now ithlete makes measuring HRV convenient, informative and affordable both for the individual and in a team setting.

Heart rate variability and team sports

Contrary to popular belief, the heart doesnít beat with metronome regularity. The heart, in fact, speeds up when you inhale, and slows down when you exhale. The difference is known as heart rate variability (HRV). Measuring HRV helps players and coaches to have a more precise compass of training and recovery.

HRV has been relatively widely used since the Russian space programme back in the 1960s, however until how it has been expensive, time consuming and difficult to interpret.

ithlete and team sports

Measuring and tracking your daily fatigue and recovery level using heart rate variability (HRV) is the scientific principle behind ithlete. User friendly and intuitive, ithlete means players can now measure and interpret HRV themselves, and in only 60 seconds. A signal is sent from your chest strap monitor or finger sensor to a small receiver which attaches to your smart phone or tablet. A high reading combined with a normal resting pulse is good news - you are fully recovered. A low reading means you should take it easy, providing you with a guilt free rest or lighter intensity day. And while your body is in recovery mode, your muscles are busy getting stronger.

For more details on players morning measurements please see our How to use ithlete (HRV)page.

In a team environment you are now measuring HRV with ithlete for multiple members of your team. How do you pull all the results together on a daily basis in a manner that allows you to plan an individualised training programme?

ithlete Team App

Available from any web browser on a PC, Mac or tablet the ithlete Team App allows coaches to manage players HRV data centrally.

Players take a morning ithlete measurement on their smart phone or tablet and data is automatically uploaded in to the ithlete Team App. Multiple HRV readings can be viewed by coaches in a simple compliance dashboard allowing an individualís training session to be tailored within a larger group.

Interested in the ithlete Team App?

A full range of features and screenshots can be seen on our blog or YouTube channel.

If you are interested in hearing more about the ithlete Team App or to arrange a trial please donít hesitate to contact us by emailing

Injury Prevention/Reduction Strategies

The ithlete system works with existing injury reduction strategies, directing both sports medicine and performance training. Injures can make or break a season, for years enormous resources and efforts have been invested in to the prevention and reduction non-contact injuries. Many organizations have found great systems and methodologies to help fight the injury bug, but without clear objective data on the physiological recovery status, teams still have a long way to go.

Ithlete is not a replacement to current methods, but a way to compliment successful methods for better results. Using ithlete can open coaches to new avenues of monitoring to further reduce injuries with teams. This affordable biofeedback training tool will finally give you the competitive edge you've been looking for.

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Testimonials from Team Sports
"Forget this. I'm getting myself an iPad for christmas just for myithlete app. Need to start getting back into shape for competitions 2013. (Twitter)"
Alexander Oviawe, Founder & CEO of Precision Sports Technologies Ltd.
"HRV has become a useful tool in the assessment of athlete readiness... ithlete has made measurement of HRV affordable, easy to use, and fast."
Darryl Eto, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Houston Rockets Basketball Team
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"Performance: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10"
Cycling Weekly (UK) 21/1/2010
"Measuring heart rate first thing in the morning and noting daily changes to help stop the early signs of overtraining and/or illness."
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