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About Us

The Faces Behind ithlete...

Simon, Director

Simon was previously an executive with Philips Electronics in the UK and Silicon Valley, having started as a pioneer researcher of digital signal processing at the BBC in London. Simon is now fully committed to HRV Fit Ltd., oversees all activities and is responsible for product development. Simon is a keen cyclist and has also completed a number of triathlons including Ironman distance.

Lindy, Director of Customer Services and Logistics

Lindy helped found the company and currently manages customer support, logistics and fulfilment. Her background is in marketing and customer service within the hotel and hospitality industry. She is a former competitive swimmer, swimming instructor, and is currently a fitness & Yoga enthusiast.

Tom, Business & Strategy Advisor

Originally a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Co., Tom has many years senior management experience in retailing. He has also held non-executive roles in healthcare for over twenty years and is currently Chairman of West Middlesex University Hospital. A trustee of Arthritis Research UK, he has a particular interest in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disease. He has competed at world championship level in sailing, and runs and cycles to maintain fitness.

Ian, Development Manager

Ian has a wealth of experience in the web and mobile arenas and has previously held senior technical roles with Vodafone and BSkyB. Ian helps manage the delivery of software produced by HRV Fit Ltd and played a key role in the release of the ithlete Team system. A keen fitness enthusiast, Ian regularly cycles and has completed three London Marathons. He is now an aspiring Triathlete.

Laura, Marketing Manager

Laura has a 1st Class BA (hons) in Marketing Management and previous experience working in the medical software development industry. Laura manages our marketing activities and customer engagement strategies. In her spare time she volunteers as Club Secretary for City Central Football Club, the aim of the Club is to provide inner city children various opportunities through the vehicle of football.

Tim, Marketing Agent, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Tim has a keen interest in sports both professionally and in his spare time. Now a recreational athlete, qualified football coach and ithlete user, Tim was once a semi-pro footballer with national and international credentials, including a Bronze medal at the Student Olympics.

Tim graduated in Business Administration, his thesis in sports marketing. He has since worked as head of marketing for a professional football club and been an international sales & marketing manager in the sporting goods industry. Tim is responsible for marketing across German speaking countries, as well as acting as a key advisor to the company.

Karen, Australia & New Zealand Distributor

Karen is a social triathlete and runner. She has represented New Zealand in triathlon at age group level and loves the camaraderie, challenge and fun of triathlon, off-road running and sea swimming. Karen has a degree in Public Relations, and 19 years experience within the marketing industry. She has a passion for sport, but is continually delighted and enchanted by her 4 year old daughter and family fun. Based in Wellington, NZ, Karen is our Australia/New Zealand distributor.

About HRV Fit Ltd.

Simon Wegerif

HRV Fit Ltd. is an international software and biosensor development company. Founded in 2009, we initially focused on providing athletes with the knowledge and tools to maximise their training efforts and improve performance, enjoyment and health. HRV Fit Ltd’s flagship app, ithlete, was one of only 3 sensor based apps listed in the Sunday Times App List 2011. Reviews and praise for ithlete have appeared in numerous magazines including Cycling Weekly, Cycling Plus, Triathlon Plus, 220 Triathlon, Ultrafit and Runner’s World.

Where ithlete Began...

Founder Simon Wegerif explains in his own words how ithlete was designed in response to an athlete’s genuine need to train smart.

Like many endurance athletes - runners, cyclists and triathletes - I used a heart rate monitor. It helped me measure how hard my body was working during training as well as keeping me just to the right side of the red line during competition. Since I wasn't getting any younger and I liked to keep pace with the top local, and yes, younger riders, I began investigating smarter training methods that would improve my performance but without the risk of injury due to overtraining. This is how I found out about heart rate variability.

In time, I became convinced that I needed to incorporate HRV as part of my own athletic training. So I looked around to see what commercial products were available and came across software from companies such as Omegawave and FirstBeat Technologies. Both products are highly regarded, and used by top athletes under coach supervision yet cost from $3,000 to more than $22,000! And even though HRV is now included in high-end heart rate monitors from Polar and Suunto, they lacked several important measurement criteria, such as colour-coded warning indicators, the ability to visualize your trends graphically, and the simplicity of a quick morning test that anyone can fit into his or her daily routine.

I came to the conclusion that there was not an easy-to-use, affordable product that could give one a direct and daily measure of HRV. But all was not lost. As an engineer by profession, building an HRV system did not seem particularly daunting.

My Device had to be Scientifically Valid, Practical, and Uncomplicated to Use

I read over 500 research papers on HRV and consulted with many experts, cardiologists, coaches and trainers. My device had to be scientifically valid, practical, and uncomplicated to use. During this research, and following patent applications in the US, UK and EU, I was subsequently invited to establish sports and medical research collaborations on HRV application in cardiac rehabilitation and elite sports training.

By early 2009, I had completed ithlete's first working system. Several months later, in conjunction with a British manufacturing company, I had created a small receiver, as well as a working app for the iPod touch and iPhone.

During this time, as I used the ithlete prototype, my confidence and belief in HRV continued to grow. Here was a simple measurement that took only 60 seconds each morning, and seemed to know my body better than I did.

I hope you enjoy using ithlete as much as I do - it's a great training tool!


Simon Wegerif, creator of ithlete and founder of HRV Fit Ltd.

Our App Users

The first customer to download an HRV app and obtain a receiver from the ithlete website was a cyclist from Wiltshire, U.K. Since then, over 5,000 athletes have purchased ithlete apps. Orders have come from the United States, Europe, Australia, South Africa and even Greenland. Users range from professional athletes striving to maximise their performance potential and hit new personal records, to elite athletes and competitive amateurs wanting to avoid overtraining and injury, through to regular people whose aim is to stay fit and get the most from their exercise.

Development and Progression

HRV Fit Ltd. is committed to continuous development of the company and all of our apps. Both ithlete and Precision Pulse are under continuous development acting on the feedback, comments and suggestions of our users. HRV Fit has also created custom variations of the patented ithlete application for trainers in specific sports such as the Bioforce app for combat sports trainer Joel Jamieson, and the Essendon football club in Australia. More recently, we have partnered with corporate wellness initiatives such as the Moove program in Germany, and are currently involved in trials of ithlete in the rehabilitation of Heart Failure patients in three London hospitals.

Keep Up with Our News...

Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Blog to be the first to hear what’s coming next. Feedback, comments and suggestions for improvement are also very welcome - just click Contact Us, email or connect with us via social media.

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"the main thing with ithlete is that you learn about your body and keep healthy to ride hard all day"
Mark Williams, Road Cyclist
"I found that the ithlete doesn't lie and when you get a poor reading it is best to listen to what it is telling you."
Henry Szwinto, 3rd Place Veteran London Marathon Runner
"I wrapped up with 9th in US master nat criterium and 30th in road race (60 and 80 starters respectively), so with my 4th in UCI masters worlds road qualifier it was a good year. I credit a lot of..."
Bill Pedler, Road Cyclist
"I really like having the HRV number each morning to gauge my workouts from day-to-day rather than trying to follow a weekly schedule."
Jaacob Bowden, Professional Golfer,
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