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How accurate are consumer pulse sensors?

Not very – according to a review recently undertaken by CNET. Senior Editor Sharon Profis collaborated with Cardiologist Dr Jon Zaroff to compare some popular health tracker devices to medical ECG equipment at rest and during treadmill exercise at quite high heart rates. Dr Zaroff explains that whilst heart rate monitor chest strap devices are essentially a single lead ECG in a sweat proof packaging, and with very good accuracy, wrist worn optical pulse measurement sensors depend on patterns of light absorbed … Continue reading


John O’Regan’s weekly HRV Training Diary

Monday June 23rd.  HRV= 55 Green. Set the alarm for an early start and don’t know what I was thinking but I do remember switching it off and that ended my chance of an early recovery run to start the day.  Staying in bed might have been the right decision after checking my HRV as it was much lower than expected so I must be more tired than I realise.  Easy lunchtime run with emphasis on keeping my heart rate … Continue reading


John O’Regan’s weekly HRV Training Diary

Monday June 16th.  HRV= 63 Green. Woke early enough to chance a pre breakfast run and took the opportunity to experience early morning Venice.  Unsure of where I was going but I had a loose idea of a general direction that should get me a loop of 8-10K.  Started off running against the flow of rush hour which made the progress slow and then I started to enter a more industrialised part of the city and constantly made the effort … Continue reading

Red Bull Wings For Life World Run

John O’Regan’s weekly HRV Training Diary

Monday June 09th.  HRV= 65 Green. Woke without the alarm and made my way to the track after dropping my son to school.  Plan for today is 8*5K off 1K recovery similar to a recent session. Happy enough with the HRV as it’s just what I need for this type of session knowing that it can be quite intense / stressful.  Expecting to be alone today as the Track athletes are competing in the provincial championships and I know this … Continue reading

John O'Regan

John O’Regan’s weekly HRV Training Diary

Monday June 02nd.  HRV= 54 Amber. Woke without the alarm to an expected result and the plan changes slightly but still want to make the most of the Bank Holiday Monday.  Decided to head for the Track again and tried not to think too much about what lay ahead as the Track is a very lonely place today with the surrounding amenities all closed. Was unsure about distance and just ran easy laps with a change of direction every 5K before … Continue reading

John O'Regan HRV training at No.17 Personal Training

John O’Regan’s weekly HRV Training Diary

Monday May 26th.  HRV= 77 Green. A good start to the week except I couldn’t get out of bed for an early run as planned and knowing my lunchtime is busy it leaves the options limited.  Decided to run home but kept the pace easy. Plan for tomorrow is an early Gym session and an evening easy / steady run. Tuesday May 27th. HRV= 68 Green. Woke 2 minutes before the alarm and I’ll take that as a good night’s … Continue reading

London Marathon Runner's World Pace Team

John O’Regan’s weekly HRV Training Diary

Monday May 19th.  HRV= 69 Green. A good start to the week seeing as I’m recovering from a recent 50 Miler but I won’t get carried away and will ease back into training rather than push my luck.  Decided to head for the track after work and also use the opportunity to try out / break in a new pair of running shoes.  Started off with some boring easy laps and tried to get a feel for my 24-hr pacing … Continue reading


John O’Regan’s HRV Training Diary 12-18th May

Monday May 12th.  HRV= 71 Green. Taper time and a good start to the week, feeling rested but woke with the alarm.  I’m thinking that I’ll copy my training and routine from the lead into the World Run as best I can.  Easy 10K after work running to the Athletics Ireland offices for a meeting.  This run felt a bit tougher than it should have for the pace and effort but based on how i was feeling I’m assuming that … Continue reading

Red Bull Wings For Life World Run

John O’Regan’s HRV Training Diary 5-11th May

Monday May 05th.  HRV= 68 Green. An unexpected result after yesterday’s run but I won’t get carried away and muscle soreness will dictate the day.  Woke very early but resisted the urge to run before my drive home and stayed in bed a little bit longer to at least rest the muscles.  Can feel some discomfort in my quads but nothing out of the ordinary and when I had the opportunity to meet up with a club mate for a … Continue reading

The science of compliance

The Science of Compliance

by Carl Valle In the article SaaS: How Quantified Self data is disrupting Professional Sports Part 2, I briefly went into compliance but personal feedback from coaches felt that I should have expanded that part into it’s own guide. I don’t know what the ideal monitoring system is for professional teams but do have experience working with small groups and know what works for some. I have been reading a lot of online interviews and blogs that touch on the … Continue reading