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A look back at 2014

The ithlete team kicked 2014 off with a bang by launching the ithlete Finger Sensor whilst exhibiting and presenting at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. You can read about our experiences at CES here, highlights included being featured on Bloomberg TV and in PC Mag too! Since launching the ithlete Finger Sensor it has quickly become our most popular heart rate sensor, adding speed and convenience to thousands of user’s ithlete readings. In April Simon presented … Continue reading

Christmas giving

Christmas Shipping & Gift Giving

Discount to facilitate giving HRV this Holiday season What is your favourite thing about tracking heart rate variability (HRV) with ithlete? Making training more efficient? Improved performance and competitive edge? Avoiding injury and illness? Or maybe the guilt free rest days? Whatever your personal motivation why not share it with a friend this holiday season? ithlete is a great gift for the athlete in your life, or anyone you care about and want to enable to improve their health and … Continue reading

Nutrition seminar

Sports Nutrition Seminar

On Saturday I attended,and presented at, a Sports Nutrition event in London aimed at sports professionals and athletes aiming to get the very most out of their bodies. It was run by nutritionist Matt Lovell, with a substantial contribution by ultra-runner Barry Murray.  Both advise athletes and teams at the very top level, and I have to say it is not often that I learn so much I didn’t know before in one day! Nutrition & Endurance Sports As endurance … Continue reading

University of Edinburgh

We need your data !

Since we introduced subjective scales for sleep, fatigue, soreness, stress, mood & diet in ithlete v3.0 at the beginning of the year, we have been intrigued with the idea of seeing how these factors relate to changes in our daily HRV. We included a facility in the ithlete landscape chart to select any of these variables (or training load) and identify possible relationships by eye, but we have now set up a collaboration with the University of Edinburgh Informatics Department … Continue reading

For blog

Impact of offshore sailing on HRV

By Tom Hayhoe I have been racing sailing dinghies, sportsboats and offshore yachts for over forty years, competing in world championships in several different classes. I still campaign a J105, and occasionally race a National Twelve and an SB20 sports boat, long after most of my contemporaries have had the sense to hang up their foul weather gear. I also run 10 to 20 miles a week just for fun and cycle around 80 miles a week because is the … Continue reading

Haute Route Alps

Observations from training & racing the Haute Route Alps

I just came back after completing the toughest challenge I have undertaken in years – the Haute Route Alps, which is a 7 day road biking stage race from Geneva to Nice with some of the best known Alpine climbs of the Tour de France. 20,000m of ascent over nearly 1000km of racing with 500 dedicated enthusiasts from around the World. Rather than tell the full story, I wanted to share a couple of interesting observations regarding my HR(V) during training … Continue reading

Using HRV to Manage Workplace Stress

Work and stress seem to go hand-in-hand, and more often in these days than ever before. While work isn’t all bad, the type of stress that we tend to feel at work isn’t exactly good for our health and overtime can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health, even leading to long-term health issues. Being aware of our stressors—which isn’t always as easy as you’d think—and learning to keep our stress levels in check at the workplace can improve … Continue reading

Heart rate variability, colds & acupuncture

Heart rate variability, colds & acupuncture

By Mark Ballou I came down with my first real common cold this year, and in a while actually. Thought you might like to see how it reflected in my heart rate variability (HRV)… Onset of illness I came down with my first real common cold this year, and in a while actually. Thought you might like to see how it reflected in my HRV. My HRV baseline had been declining for some time which I had attributed to work … Continue reading

How accurate are consumer pulse sensors?

Not very – according to a review recently undertaken by CNET. Senior Editor Sharon Profis collaborated with Cardiologist Dr Jon Zaroff to compare some popular health tracker devices to medical ECG equipment at rest and during treadmill exercise at quite high heart rates. Dr Zaroff explains that whilst heart rate monitor chest strap devices are essentially a single lead ECG in a sweat proof packaging, and with very good accuracy, wrist worn optical pulse measurement sensors depend on patterns of light absorbed … Continue reading


John O’Regan’s weekly HRV Training Diary

Monday June 23rd.  HRV= 55 Green. Set the alarm for an early start and don’t know what I was thinking but I do remember switching it off and that ended my chance of an early recovery run to start the day.  Staying in bed might have been the right decision after checking my HRV as it was much lower than expected so I must be more tired than I realise.  Easy lunchtime run with emphasis on keeping my heart rate … Continue reading