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Amir training camp

Training Camp by Amir Williamson

Good morning Guys, Just sitting here at Gatwick airport waiting to board a plane to Portugal, what’s that you say… holiday? I wish!!! My training partner Sam Milner and I, along with our coach Malcolm Fenton, are off on a two week training camp to the IAAF Training Centre, commonly known as Monte Gordo. The facility we’re going to is considered to be one of the best in Europe and provides a great service especially to the throwing community, which … Continue reading

John O'Regan 5k

John O’Regan’s HRV Training Diary to 1st April

Monday March 31st.  HRV 51 Amber. A much lower than expected result but I’m glad of it as it tells me that I worked hard yesterday.  Will take it easy today with the focus being on recovery and refuelling.  Easy lunchtime run of 8K at a leisurely pace and finished off the evening with a local 11K joining up with a social club run and all feels good.  Went to bed a bit later than planned but not feeling tired. … Continue reading

Anna Camp Digital sketch notes

Camp Digital user experience conference

Camp Digital We were invited to present at a User Experience event called Camp Digital in Manchester by the designer Chris Bush who helped us realise the v3.0 UI (user interface) design of ithlete. This was the first time I had presented to (several hundred) User Experience experts. I decided to tell the story of ithlete from having the idea back in 2009 to v3.0 and the ithlete Finger Sensor at the start of 2014. Feel free to check out the … Continue reading

John O'Regan HRV training at No.17 Personal Training

John O’Regan’s HRV Training Diary 24-30th March

Monday March 24th.  HRV 66 Amber. A good result after yesterday’s effort as I was prepared for a Red.  Training continues as normal but today will be strictly recovery running being cautious after yesterday’s long run and the principle of stress / rest / adapt.  Easy Recovery paced run at lunchtime followed by a split evening recovery run of 6K running to and from a meeting and all is good. Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session and lunchtime recovery.. Tuesday … Continue reading

24 hour race

John O’Regan’s HRV Training Diary 17-23rd March

Monday March 17th.  HRV 81 Green. A good start to the week and a great result to make the most of a Bank Holiday Monday.  Using the opportunity for some company to start the run my plan is a repeat of yesterday but I’ll be conscious of what I’ve already done and change the plan if required.  Started off with a loop of 17K and when completing the loop I parted with my company and continued on the same route … Continue reading


John O’Regan’s HRV Training Diary 10-16th March

Monday March 10th.  HRV 63 Green. A better start to the week than last Monday but still low enough considering the relatively easy week I’ve had.  My thoughts are I’m slightly fatigued from the weekend as the coaching course didn’t allow for sufficient recovery between runs through feeding & resting.  Didn’t run during lunch to allow further recovery rather than increasing the fatigue before the run home.  A nice bright evening for the run home although the sun was in … Continue reading


John O’Regan’s HRV Training Diary 3-9th March

Monday March 03rd.  HRV 56 Amber. Not a great start to the week but it’s a result that tells me I worked yesterday and I’ll take it.  Easy lunchtime recovery run of 8K keeping a close eye on my heart rate and slowing the pace if required to keep it low.  Don’t look for a workout in every session and today is about recovery & maintenance. Plan for tomorrow will start with an early Gym session and then a lunchtime run depending … Continue reading


John O’Regan’s Training Diary 24th Feb – 2nd March

Monday February 24th.  HRV 77 Green. Late to bed last night but a good result even though I’m feeling a little bit tired.  Went out at lunchtime with the intention of running close to Marathon pace but it seemed more of an effort than it should and the session became an easy / recovery run.  Took the opportunity of a second run after work but only because I had the option of running with a slower paced group and this … Continue reading


John O’Regan’s HRV Training Diary 17-23rd Feb

Monday February 17th.  HRV 71 Green. Went to bed late last night and woke with the alarm feeling tired but more than happy with HRV result.  Legs feeling a little bit stiff but nothing a short easy recovery run won’t sort and that’s the plan for today.  Legs feeling ok as the day progressed and was very surprised at how good they felt when I started out at lunchtime but made sure to err on the side of caution and … Continue reading


John O’Regan’s HRV Training Diary 10-16th Feb

Monday February 10th.  HRV 77 Green. Woke before the alarm even though it took a while to fall asleep last night as I think I was too awake going to bed.  A good result when compare with yesterday but still on the low side considering the easy weekend so I’ll be taking it easy today. Plan for tomorrow is an early Gym session with a massage booked for lunchtime. Tuesday February 11th. HRV= 77 Green. Late to bed last night after a … Continue reading