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Case Studies

Find out below how ithlete has enabled people to train better and made a real difference to real people in a variety of sporting disciplines.

Georgina Gardner Stockley

ithlete keeps me mindful so I go into each training session with clear intentions and achievable goals.

Sport: Swimming

As a junior I took part in athletics... Read Full Case Study

Matthew DeGiacomo

If you value your training plan/your body you should look into heart rate variability. This is the new way to monitor training stress, ithlete is perfect for athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

My athletic... Read Full Case Study

Heidi Widmer

“Essentially, ithlete has allowed me to train with greater confidence.”

Occupation: Professional Athlete

Read Full Case Study

Amir Williamson

"It's the best monitoring tool I have come across in 10 years of international athletics. It's easy to use and understand and extremely accurate."

Occupation: Fireman

Primary Sport: Hammer Throw

I have been throwing the hammer for 10 years and competed internationally... Read Full Case Study

Ronan Mc Laughlin

"In racing, stage races in particular, ithlete gives me the confidence to race hard when my HRV is still relatively high, despite being on day 4/5/6 of the race."

Occupation: Professional Cyclist

I am a full time cyclist with the An Post-ChainReactionCycles-Sean Kelly Team. My goals... Read Full Case Study

Steve Lalley

"I feel better. If I ‘m feeling tired and ithlete confirms it I rest or just do an easy day. I am also faster than when I trained hard all the time."

Occupation:  IT Manager

Primary Sports: Running, cycling, downhill skiing & the occasional... Read Full Case Study

Shay Seager

"I feel more confident in my training plan, I recover better, I waste less time trying to figure out what I should be doing and when I should be taking rest – it takes the guess work out of it."

Occupation: Athlete, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist

Primary... Read Full Case Study

Bruce Conner

“I am skating faster now than I ever have before.  I currently hold 4 Masters World Records in my age group.  I am a Masters World Sprint Champion.”

Occupation:  Airline Captain B-747 United Airlines

Primary... Read Full Case Study

Andrew Flatt

I’m currently the strongest and leanest I’ve ever been at my current body weight. I attribute that to smarter training and therefore reduced injuries. ithlete has played a big role in guiding me to this level.

Occupation: Strength and Conditioning Coach
Primary... Read Full Case Study

Stuart Featherstone

"I’ve always loved using ithlete; it has taken the guess work out of training and I can see my fitness improving as a result!"

Occupation: Graphic Designer
Primary Sports:Road Racing, Mountain bike endurance racing

Cycling has been a hobby... Read Full Case Study

John O’Regan

“An essential tool for monitoring recovery and maximising performance”

Occupation: Clerical Officer
Primary Sports: Ultra Marathon

Having taken up running in 2001 John O’Regan has gone on to accomplish a host of running achievements.... Read Full Case Study

Michael Pinchen

“After six months training in tandem with ithlete, I hit the same climb and was delighted to see a 7 percent improvement in my personal best time.”

Occupation: Company Director and Semi-retired
Primary Sport: Cycling

Over the past few years I have... Read Full Case Study

Nigel Strong

“Otherwise peaking and tapering are just guesswork – when am I ready? With ithlete, I know when I’m ready to race.”

Occupation: Search Consultant & Life Coach
Primary Sport: Triathlon

My sport focus is with Olympic-distance... Read Full Case Study

Mark Williams

“The main thing with ithlete is that you learn about your body and keep healthy to ride hard all day.”

Occupation: Design and R&D Engineer
Primary Sport:

I first started cycling in 2001 after getting a divorce; it was either fitness or the... Read Full Case Study

Andy Howard

“With ithlete, my sleeping has improved. Which makes ithlete worth its weight in gold!”

Occupation: Information Technology Consultant
Primary Sports: Triathlon, Cycling, Running

I've been using a heart-rate monitor for approximately 10 years. I've had several... Read Full Case Study

Graeme Howorth

“On days when I felt tired and not tempted to exercise, ithlete told me otherwise and not only did I exercise but glad I did.”

Occupation: Company Director
Primary Sports:
Running and Mountain Biking

Until I took up running again four years... Read Full Case Study

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"Supporting London 2012 Olympic athletes from other side of world. Text, phone, Kinesiocapture, ithlete r tools of the trade. (Twitter)"
Ken Vick, Performance Coach
"The ithlete offers a simple and affordable method for athletes to chart heart rate variability. An easy one minute test can be performed in the morning, upon waking, and those results can then be..."
Patrick Ward, CSCS LMT Performance Coach & Soft Tissue Therapist. Tempe, Arizona, USA
"Stress management in my body is one of my big challenges since I'm now hormonally overdosed, due to past cancer in my thyroid. I was desperately searching for such a tool to track HRV for a..."
Rémy Touzé,
Customer Reviews
"I'm satisfied with the ithlete ECG receiver and the app. I use it with a couple of polar HRM receivers. Prior to buying the product, I was..."
"The item is fine. I would have liked further documentation on purpose of use. Sure I just need to do more research. Would be nice if it came with..."
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