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Press Reviews

The Guardian 01/2014

In what may be remember as the CES of wearable technology, the UK has two strong fitness tracking... Read Article
USA Today 01/2014

New heart rate technology tells exercise enthusiasts when to train hard and when to recover by... Read Article
Cross Bike Review 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Of all of the devices that we list here or on the site this one WILL have the biggest impact on... Read Article
Fit Bottomed Girls

The Secret Fitness Data You’re Not Utilizing Read Article
Breaking Muscle

The overall accuracy of the chart is stunning... feeling of an overstressed body on days when my... Read Article
Bike 01/2014

We been using it for over two years now and wouldn't be without the insight it offers. Read Article

Performance: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Read Article 01/2014

These products hold a huge potential for improved productivity for both the businesses and the... Read Article

ithlete is an application for sports people and tells you how hard you should train Read Article 01/2014

New Activity Trackers Focus on Your Heart Read Article
Splash Magazines Fitness Gifts 2014

Taking your morning HRV measurement has never been simpler or more convenient. Read Article
Cross Bike Review 08/2012

I have to say will be the best $85 you will ever spend. Read Article
Irish Independent Fit Magazine 10/2012

Using ithlete to monitor stress is the best thing you can do to make your training safe and... Read Article
Australian Institute of Fitness 12/2011

Here comes the ithlete app. Read Article
The Guardian Christmas Gift Guide 10/2010

iThlete is perfect: the simple-to-use monitor plugs into an iPhone or iPod touch, you download... Read Article
Sunday Times Top Apps 02/2012

Check your heart rate with ithlete - a special receiver plugs into the iPhone's headphone socket. Read Article
Triathlon Plus Magazine 01/2010

We liked ithlete's simplicity of use and value for money, making it a great way to train... Read Article
Cycling Plus 10/2010

Ithlete is deceptively simple and only takes one minute every morning. Read Article
Cycling Weekly 12/2009

It communicates with any HRM straps to give an accurate resting hear rate. Read Article
Ultrafit 11/2010

Testing for HRV has just become significantly easier and affordable with the launch of ithlete. Read Article
Runners World (UK) 03/2010

I was able to train harder after days on which I'd been advised to ease up. Read Article
Cycling Weekly (UK) 10/06/2010

ithlete has masses of uses and we can't help but feel a more complex version would increase the... Read Article
Cycling Weekly (UK) 21/1/2010

Measuring heart rate first thing in the morning and noting daily changes to help stop the early... Read Article
220 Triathlon 10/2010

Verdict: Great for iPhone number-crunchers wanting training-status data. 85%. Read Article
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