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Video Demonstrations

ithlete HRV App

The ithlete morning test takes only 60s and tells you how hard you can train that day.

ithlete Precision Pulse App

The ithlete Precision Pulse App allows you to workout to personalized thresholds, record your heart rate and recall all your workouts later.

ithlete HRV App v2 Features

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"The ithlete is a excellent product which really re-insures me that I am not over-training."
Jimmy Wilson, Cyclist
"I just changed my testing protocol to do my morning test standing up. When I first got iThlete, I tried doing it standing but my results weren't consistent. I started to do it sitting and it..."
David Burton, Track Athlete
"The ithlete offers a simple and affordable method for athletes to chart heart rate variability. An easy one minute test can be performed in the morning, upon waking, and those results can then be..."
Patrick Ward, CSCS LMT Performance Coach & Soft Tissue Therapist. Tempe, Arizona, USA
Case Studies

Georgina Gardner Stockley

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Andy Howard

“With ithlete, my sleeping has improved. Which makes ithlete... Read Full Case Study

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Press Articles
Australian Institute of Fitness 12/2011
"Here comes the ithlete app." 01/2014
"New Activity Trackers Focus on Your Heart"
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